Tips for Using Beard Balm and Oil

Why use beard products some may ask?

Beard balm is a great way to condition and soften your beard. It is a great tool to style your beard and give it a natural shine, keeping it healthy and soft to the touch.

Beard oil is exceptional at relieving the itch, particularly in the early stages of beard growth. For the more established beard, oil is wonderful for giving it a glistening shine and rehydrating the beard.

Both balm and oil is excellent for the skin beneath that glorious beard. It can often be neglected, out of sight out of mind right? but with the continual use of balm and oil you will notice a drastic difference in the condition of your skin and if for some disappointing reason you have to shave, you can be confident that your skin will be healthy and smooth.

All our products are made with natural ingredients so there are no chemicals that are dangerous to you or the environment. Made with all the good stuff to make your beard luscious and healthy, the envy of all beards.

An added benefit of using beard balm and oil is the amazing scents that are available, none of them too overpowering because no one wants to clear a room when entering, just subtle enough to be pleasant around and to give you the confidence to know you smell amazing.

Should I use balm or oil or both?

This is a personal choice, for optimal results it is best to use both. Using balm in conjunction with oil will ensure that your beard is rehydrated and conditioned, while also taking care of the skin beneath. Some prefer to use one or the other, if your beard is in need of some love then oil will give it back it's shine. If your beard is in need of some taming then balm will help bring it back into line.

Whatever you chose to do we hope you enjoy Thunderbolt Balms products and for the love of beards, condition that beard!

Beards Soon,

Nathan and Lauren aka Thunderbolt Balms